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"Fun with a professional touch"


A brief detailing of the variety of classes we offer here at WAM...



At WAM, we offer recreational jazz classes for kids aged as young as 4 to open age. Our Jazz classes consist of learning routines each term, learning new tricks and developing dance technique. Eventually each class performs in our end of year concert. The dance style is upbeat and fun!


We run recreational Contemporary classes for students aged 6 and up. Contemporary is a slower style than dance styles such as Jazz and Hip Hop. Within our Contemporary classes, we focus on dance technique and learning routines each term. Each Contemporary class also gets a dance in the end of year concert!



We run RAD Ballet classes from Pre Primary, all the way through to Advanced Foundation. We also have extension ballet classes that run for both Junior and Senior students. All ballet students have the option of completing their RAD Ballet Exams each year. All ballet students also get to do a dance in the end of year concert.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a more up-tempo and upbeat dance style. At WAM we offer recreational Hip Hop classes for ages 4 and up. Each Hip Hop class learns routines each term and gets to perform a dance in the end of year concert!



Tap is a fun genre of dance. The girls are required to wear tap shoes and each lesson is filled with a variety of up-tempo and slower steps. Every tap class gets to learn a routine for the end of year concert.


Showgroup is a dynamic and talented dance troupe made up of performers aged 6/u to Open Age. The group specializes in learning and perfecting routines from various genres of dance, including contemporary, jazz, broadway jazz etc. Showgroup members work tirelessly to master the technical and artistic elements of each routine, honing their skills and perfecting their performances with each practice.

Throughout the year, Showgroup participates in competitions, the Mini Concert and the End of Year Concert showcasing their exceptional talent and dedication on stage. From the youngest members to the most experienced, Showgroup instills a love of dance and a strong work ethic in all its members. Whether performing for an audience or practicing in the studio, Showgroup dancers are always striving to push themselves to new heights. 


Pre School Classes

Looking for a fun and engaging activity for your little ones? Look no further than our pre-school dance classes! Held from 10-11am Mondays through Thursdays, these classes are designed specifically for children aged 2-6, introducing them to the basics of jazz, ballet and acro. With a focus on developing coordination, rhythm and musicality, our classes are the perfect way to give your child a taste of multiple dance styles in a fun and welcoming environment. Led by experienced and passionate instructors, our pre-school dance classes are the perfect way to help your child build confidence and discover a love for dance. This includes performing a routine in our End of Year Concert. So why wait? Sign up today and watch your child shine!

Talented Programme

The Talented Programme is specifically designed for the dancer who is looking to further their technique and skills. With many special guests throughout the year, the Talented Programme provides an extension for the dedicated dancer. The Talented Programme also lets students get a taste of other elements of the performing arts; including but not limited to singing and acting. This group gets to perform an additional dance in the End of Year Concert!



Solos are the ultimate way to extend a dancer. Through weekly private lessons of half an hour in duration, soloists learn routines in the genres of Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Ballet and Broadway Jazz (just to name a few!). These soloists then perform their dances at various Eisteddfods, we provide help to those who do not know how to register. Soloists get to perform their solos in the Mini Concert which takes place at the latter end of the year.

Stretch and Strength

Stretch and strength hones in on the skills and the strength of students. Running for one hour, an instructor leads the students through exercises that develop their technique and enhances their flexibility. They also do various dance exercises that bring all of the strength and technique exercises to the forefront of their dance ability.

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